2017 GOP Straw Poll Results


Virginia Way 2017 GOP Primary Straw Poll Results

Glen Allen, Va. – March 10, 2017 – On an online straw poll conducted over 6 days starting on March 5th Virginia Way surveyed the political landscape of the 2017 GOP Primary for statewide office.  Over the course of the 6 days 386 people took part in the poll that ended at Noon on Friday. Additionally, the poll featured respondents from all across the Commonwealth.  Here are the results:

If the 2017 GOP primary for Governor was held today who would you support?

Gillespie, Ed:                32.9% (127 votes)
Riggleman, Denver:       30.1%  (117 votes)
Stewart, Corey A:          29.3% (113 votes)
Wagner, Frank:              2.6% ( 10 votes)
Not Sure:                       5.2%  (20 votes)

If the 2017 GOP primary for Lt. Governor was held today who would you support?

Davis, Glenn:                  9.6% (37 votes)
Reeves, Bryce:              51.9% (201 Votes)
Vogel, Jill:                      18.6% (72 votes)
Not Sure:                       19.9% (77 votes)

If the 2017 GOP primary for Attorney General was held today who would you support?

Adams, John:                    61% (236 votes)
Smith, Chuck:                  12.4% (48 votes)
Not Sure:                         26.6% (103 votes)

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Make Virginia Red in 2017

In 2009 Virginia was Red….since then Republicans in Virginia have have lost every statewide election. It’s time to turn Virginia Red again in 2017. Virginia Way PAC is determined to ensure the tide changes and we have a Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General…however, we need your help. Please donate $25, $50, $100, or more to make sure that we don’t have a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion and an activist Democrat Attorney General like we do now.

Mark Herring’s Assault on the 2nd Amendment

Today Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring took the Democratic assault on the 2nd Amendment to a new level when he announced that Virginia will no longer recognize concealed carry handgun permits from 25 states that have reciprocity agreements with the commonwealth.  This assault on the rights of law abiding citizens must not stand.  Please take a moment to donate to Virginia Way PAC so that we may fight this assault on the 2nd Amendment

Virginia Way Beats Fundraising Goal

Today Virginia Way PAC can announce that it has exceeded its fundraising goal for the 3rd quarter of the year, its first quarter of fundraising. With 23 total donors Virginia Way PAC raised a total of $3,225. Virginia Way PAC’s diverse donors come from all walks of life and all ages.

Virginia Way PAC founder Matt Walton released the following statement after a successful fundraising quarter:

The support that Virginia Way received from a diverse group of people illustrates the desire for our leaders in the General Assembly to work together to solve problems in a collaborative manner. Additionally, our leaders in Richmond need to continue fiscally conservative policies that focus on job creation, opportunities for economic growth, and reforming our educational system that benefits all students. Virginia Way will continue to work hard in the months ahead on these issues and reach out to those who want to see the General Assembly work in a way that brings people together for the good of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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